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Worker almost loses limb in workplace accident

An out-of-state 50-year-old Navy vet enjoyed spending time with his family when he was not working, especially his grandchildren. After an absolutely devastating workplace accident, it did not look like this vet would ever be able to play with his grandchildren again.

The accident severed the man's arm. In the chaos that ensued, it took hours to get the worker to the appropriate medical doctors, it took so long medical professional were concerned that he would bleed to death before he got the attention that he so desperately needed.

In an amazing story, a doctor performed a risky procedure that he was unfamiliar with and 18 agonizing hours later, the man was not only alive, but his arm was attached to his body again. To reattach the limb, the surgeon had to place metal bars to stabilize the bone. The surgeon said, "I expected not much function. But he's regaining slowly and regenerating sensation. He can move all his fingers, he can do daily tasks."

Doctors even think this man could return to the work force one his rehabilitation is complete. But more important than going back to work for this grandfather is that this life-saving operation means that he is still able to play with his beloved grandchildren. He can take them to a park, life them and push them on a swing like any other young grandfather. He says, "It's a modern miracle. It really is."

When workers similarly afflicted in Alabama begin recovering from their workplace injuries, they can be shocked when the astronomical medical bills start coming in. Thankfully, injured workers are covered under workers' compensation in Alabama so in the event of similar happenings here, medical expenses should be covered. However, a victim often has to fight to receive their due and full compensation. An experienced attorney can greatly aid an injured worker in this pursuit.

Source: KHOU.com, "Navy vet's arm reattached after workplace accident," Janet St. James, Jan. 3, 2013

  • Our firm has experience assisting workers in Alabama similarly injured. For more information, please refer to our Huntsville amputation page.

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