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Mourning Alabama parents FIGHT for stricter workplace regulations

It is difficult to know what to do following a fatal workplace accident. Some families are so blinded by despair, figuring out which way to turn seems impossible. An Alabama father is familiar with this feeling. When his son was killed in a workplace accident, he decided he wanted to make changes to honor his son and help others.

The young son was working in a grain silo when the grain cascaded from the walls, suffocating the worker. In the aftermath of his son's death, the father founded an organization called Families In Grief Hold Together (FIGHT) to assist families that are similarly impacted. Part of this includes the gifting of Bibles to surviving families in honor of their lost loved one.

An Alabama mother that was a recipient of one of these Bibles after her son was also recently killed in a workplace accident has made a promise to herself to join the efforts of FIGHT. This mother aims to stand beside this father in pursuit of legislative changes that would make stricter workplace safety laws. Further, they both feel that a stricter regulation in adherence to these safety laws is in order as well.

Part of the change this group is lobbying for is an increase in burial benefits awarded to a surviving family under workers' compensation coverage in the aftermath of a fatal workplace accident.

The Alabama father that started FIGHT says, "They're still going to remember that loved one every day. I can't fix that (they're gone). But I can give them some hope that it is going to get better."

Source: Quad-City Times, "Bible gift helps grieving mother cope," Jennifer DeWitt, Jan. 4, 2013

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