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Malfunctioning dump truck instantly kills Alabama worker

A horrific New Year's Eve workplace accident has left one family in east Alabama completely devastated following the death of their loved one. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will likely lead an investigation to determine why the hydraulic system on a dump truck failed Dec. 31, consequently crushing and killing a 29-year-old.

It appears that the accident happened suddenly. The victim had no time to react when the dump body slammed down, killing him instantly. A local report details the impact that this deadly workplace accident had on neighbors of the site, who felt shaken following these grisly happenings.

Many workers in Alabama know that they are protected financially following a debilitating workplace accident. Under workers' compensation coverage, an employer's insurance company must cover an injured worker's medical expenses as well as provide for the injured worker's lost wages following a workplace accident or job-related injury. Additionally, when a victim is killed on the job, like this 29-year-old Alabama worker, surviving dependents can be eligible for collection of workers' compensation death benefits.

Death benefits can supplement a family as they work to absorb the lost income for the death of their family member. Further, these benefits can work to cover the unexpected financial strain associated with an unexpected funeral and burial.

While these benefits are available, many do not realize that it often takes retaining experienced legal counsel to secure them because the system does not always work in the favor of the injured workers and their families, even though it should. Some legal advocates, however, do work in the favor of such parties.

Source: WSFA, "Name released in fatal dump truck accident," Jan. 1, 2013

  • Our firm has experience assisting families in similar circumstances financially recover. For more information, please refer to our Alabama work accident page.

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