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Alabama student in critical condition after BCS Championship car accident

For several Alabama students, the thrill of the Crimson Tide's victory over Miami in the Jan. 7 BCS Championship game was cut short because of a car accident on the return trip home.

The three-vehicle auto accident occurred when a charter bus carrying 31 members of the Alabama cheerleading team collided with a truck carrying four Alabama students and another vehicle.

All the students on the bus were fine, but a passenger of the truck suffered life-threatening injuries. It has been confirmed that student was an Alabama student. It does not appear that anyone in the car was seriously hurt.

So far, we do not know what caused the accident, but we trust that the appropriate authorities are looking into what happened.

It is very crucial that we all follow basic safety precautions, such as wearing safety belts and observing posted speed limits. On top of that, each of us has a duty to be attentive and responsive while driving. That means no texting, talking on the phone or paying attention to what is going on in the backseat.

That being said, even if you do every one of those things, there is no way you can protect yourself fully from "the other guy." Any time you get on the road, you are accepting a certain amount of risk.

What we want you to know is that if you are ever harmed in a traffic accident, you do have options when it comes to attempting to rectifying the wrong done to you. You should never have to feel passive and victimized.

Source: NBC Sports, "Alabama Cheerleaders' Bus Collides Returning Home," Jan. 9, 2013

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