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Combating loss of life from commercial vehicle wrecks

Recently we blogged about the tightening of controls around medical exams for commercial vehicle drivers across the country set to being in May 2014. In accordance with this same aim to increase the safety of lives on the roads across Alabama, there is a possibility that truckers could see stricter drug testing.

Presently, drug testing is conducted via a urine analysis, but there are several flaws with the lax system currently in place. This translates to the test being falsified with a small amount of effort, thereby leaving dangerous drivers in the path of innocent lives on roadways in Alabama.

Drunk driving is a negligent, selfish and illegal decision regardless of the type of motor vehicle the drunk driver is operating. However, it is particularly scary to think of a drunk or drugged driver behind the wheel of a massive 40-ton tractor-trailer. Every year scores of drivers are killed by truckers and thousands more are catastrophically injured in Alabama.

The American Truckers Association seeks to continually support measures similar in nature to the possible overhaul on drug testing as an effort to protect life. While victims can stand to pursue financial compensation after a truck wreck yields devastating consequences, there is not going to be any amount of money that will give a paralyzed person their mobility back, or a widow her husband back.

The best scenario is for the accident to not happen in the first place. Federal laws do work to curb deaths from accidents involving commercial vehicles, but they continue to occur. Hopefully, with increasingly stricter regulations, the loss of life will begin to fall.

Source: Trucking Info, "House Bill Would Require Pilot Program for DOT Hair Testing for Drugs," Dec. 6, 2012

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