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Alabama drivers continue to find new distractions on the road

Distracted driving is an ever-growing and ever-evolving issue as new technology is developed to prevent drivers in Alabama from focusing on just driving. First, cellphones came along, and with them new distractions like texting and talking caused a surge of car accidents. Now with smartphones, drivers will risk their life and the lives of others by checking email and browsing the web, a phenomenon known as "webbing."

According to a survey conducted by an insurance company, it is estimated that around almost half of drivers of all ages in the nation engage in browsing the Web behind the wheel. Drivers in Alabama often hear the beep of their phone and only think of the "likes" their Facebook status is accruing, or that email from their boss. Instead, the mentality needs to shift to take into consideration that reacting to the beep could mean being financially liable for the serious injury inflicted upon an innocent victim in the event that using a cellphone while driving leads to a car accident.

Unfortunately, while automobile makers are attempting to combat distracted driving, many luxury retailers seems to be feeding into the temptation by installing systems that allow a driver to use voice command to continue engaging in these behaviors. While this may mean that the driver is refraining from breaking eye contact with the road, mentally the driver is still just as distracted.

It simply isn't worth it. Hopefully, more Alabama drivers will begin to realize this before more lives are lost to the dangers of distracted driving on our state's roads.

Source: MSN Autos, "Distracted driving due to Web surfing is on the rise," Douglas Newcomb, Nov. 26, 2012

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