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Alabama man killed, one injured in road construction accident

Without well-maintained roadways, getting around would be incredibly difficult. We often fail to appreciate the kind of labor that goes into building and repairing roads. Furthermore, road construction workers expose themselves to the dangers of on the open road. Alabama road workers risk being involved in an on-duty vehicle accident, which can have fatal results.

Recently, two Alabama road construction workers were involved in a perilous accident on the job. While installing cable barriers on a section of Interstate Highway 85, a wayward driver veered across the road into the median and struck two workers. One of the workers, a 53-year-old man, died on the scene and another was injured in the catastrophe. The injured worker was rushed to the hospital to receive treatment and will eventually recover fully.

At this point, the Alabama Department of Public Safety is looking into what may have caused the accident. Though they do not believe alcohol was a factor in the construction site incident, they are uncertain why the driver was unable to control his vehicle.

The family of the man who died will never be able to get their loved one back and will miss out on quality time they could have spent with him. However, they may have a claim against the driver for negligence. A monetary reward will help the family to compensate for their suffering and help them adjust to life without the man.

In addition to a potential wrongful death claim, the worker injured in the accident might be eligible for workers' compensation benefits for his on-the-job injury. At no fault of his own, the man was hurt while performing his duties and suffered at the hands of a potentially negligent driver. In the wake of the accident, the injured worker may lose wages and have medical bills to cover.

The road is a dangerous place for workers and motorists alike. All it takes is one error in judgment or a moment of inattentive driving and peoples' lives can be forever changed. Until we can count on drivers to act with responsibility and caution at all times, we will have to do what we can to compensate road workers for any accidents that may occur.

Source: Opelika Auburn News, "Construction worker killed in accident ID'd," Feb. 28, 2012

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