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Alabama roadway fatalities don't always occur upon impact

The papers are filled with reports of fatalities that have occurred on Alabama highways. However, not every one of these fatalities happened upon impact of the crash. In fact, many victims suffer for days, weeks or longer before succumbing to the wounds that were inflicted during a collision between motor vehicles.

The case of a young Alabama teenager from Coffee County underscores this tragic fact. The girl, just 13 years old, was riding as one of two passengers in a car with a woman behind the wheel. The woman was apparently a relative of the teenager, as they shared the same last name. The third person in the vehicle was not identified. The vehicle in which they were riding was involved in a three-car crash near Elba.

Water fatalities in Alabama not always linked to boating

Alabama has many waterways; in the summer months, the rivers, lakes and streams are used frequently by people of all ages. Unfortunately, this leads to the probability that there will be water fatalities during this busy time of year. However, not all fatalities are related to boating or even swimming. Some involve personal watercraft such as jet skis.

Recently, an Alabama woman who is reported to have been in her 20s was killed when she and another person, a male in his forties, crashed while riding a jet ski on a lake. According to what has been released to the public about the accident, the two were riding on the body of water around midnight. Their jet ski careened into a dock, killing the woman.

Was distracted driving to blame for injuries in car accident?

When Alabama motorists take to the roads, they are likely aware of the imminent dangers. Unfortunately, despite one’s own vigilance and care on the road, another driver’s actions cannot be anticipated. Distracted driving could result in multi-vehicle accidents with severe injuries and even fatalities.

A family from another state was recently on their way through Alabama to a holiday destination when they went through an intersection with a flashing yellow light. The crossing traffic was regulated by a stop sign. As the family entered the intersection, another motorist, who may have been distracted, reportedly ignored the stop sign and smashed into the left side of their vehicle. The impact caused the family’s car to go into a spin and collide with another vehicle. The vehicle that allegedly ran the stop sign also collided with another vehicle before smashing into a pole.

Fatalities in Alabama can stem from unlicensed drivers

Not all drivers on Alabama highways are licensed. Unfortunately, some people get behind the wheel when it is not legal for them to do so. This can and does sometimes lead to accidents involving fatalities. In those cases, the fatalities aren't always the drivers -- they can also include the passengers traveling with the unlicensed motorist, or other innocent victims in or near the roadway.

In the city of Spanish Fort, a recent accident ended in the death of a teenager. Sadly, the incident underscores just how quickly the bad decision to drive without a license can turn deadly. It also shows that passengers should never agree to ride with someone who is unprepared for driving.

5 passengers, 2 drivers hurt in 3-vehicle Alabama auto accident

When it comes to auto accident incidents, the victims aren't always those driving the vehicles involved. In fact, passengers often become unwitting casualties when cars, trucks, vans and SUVs collide on Alabama highways. In those cases, the people who wind up requiring extensive medical treatment had no direct relation to the operation of the vehicle in which they rode, but still had their lives changed by the auto accident.

This fact regarding car crashes is evident in a recent case from Alabama. On a weekday afternoon, three vehicles collided at an intersection just west of the city of Elba. Passengers in two of the vehicles needed immediate emergency attention, according to reports. One of those passengers had to be taken via life flight to a nearby facility due to the severity of the injuries.

Fatal job-related injuries lead to OSHA investigation

An Alabama man working as a contractor lost his life after suffering from fatal job-related injuries. The man died after a tragic accident that resulted in severe burns on most of his body while he was employed by Ranger Environmental Services. The fatal job-related injuries sparked an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The tragedy occurred when his co-workers dumped a bucket of hot material, similar to ash, on him. This was reportedly an accident, but it is not clear how or why it happened. It should be noted that since this accident occurred at work, the family should receive financial compensation, as employers should offer worker's compensation insurance to all employees. This is regulated by state law and employers cannot willingly withhold deserved recompense.

Fatalities plague community's Alabama highways in recent weeks

Fatalities are often the sad outcome of car crashes that occur along the many highways in Alabama. While fatalities via vehicles happen during every season, they seem to be plaguing the Hoover area currently. Two such incidents have been recently reported, leaving three people dead and investigators attempting to figure out what went wrong in each case.

The first collision happened along Alabama Interstate 459. According to police reports, a male driver crashed his automobile into an RV and a pole. It is not clear if he was pronounced dead at the accident scene or whether he was treated medically first. There is no word as to whether the RV driver and/or passengers were harmed.

Alabama athletes may be at risk for traumatic brain injuries

The general ambiance of any Alabama sporting event is one of cheering and camaraderie, yet there is an underside to any sport where collisions are common -- traumatic brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries don't just happen to star players on pro teams. They happen to young people and others around the state.

As a former head coach from Alabama recently noted when describing a prevention program he is spearheading, every time a player crashes into another player, the foundation for a lasting injury could be laid. He agrees that it is never the initial hit that causes problems like concussions. Typically, these types of brain injuries seem to come as a cumulative result.

Plane crash in Alabama turns into fatal accident

Cars, trucks and cycles are not the only motorized apparatuses in which people can become victims of a fatal accident. Planes and jets also can crash, injuring or killing the pilot(s) and occupants. In fact, Alabama investigators are currently seeking information on a fatal accident involving a business jet that went down in Huntsville and killed all three people on board.

The plane crashed on a weekday afternoon, although the cause is as yet undetermined. Air traffic controllers were the first to notify the airport of the problem. As a result of the impact, parts of the plane began to burn. Fire crews at the airport were able to extinguish the flames without further injuries ensuing to any responders.

Alabama car-truck wrecks can lead to serious injuries

Even first-year physics class students recognize that all the objects are going to have to absorb the energy of a collision when a large object collides at a high rate of speed with another object its own size or smaller. In terms of car-truck wrecks in Alabama, this principle sometimes has serious consequences concerning the physical health of the drivers and passengers in the vehicles involved. In fact, these types of collisions have the ability to send motorists and others to the hospital due to the intensity of the impact.

A recent crash took place along U.S. 280 West in Opelika. The crash involved two tractor-trailer trucks and two automobiles. According to reports and information given to the local press, authorities believe that one of the trucks rear-ended the other truck.