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Alabama motorcycle crashes, causes fatality

Motorcycle crashes have occurred since the first motorized bike was created. Fortunately, not all result in fatalities. However, many motorcycle crashes do end in the serious injury or even the death of a driver or rider. In a recent Alabama case, a rider was killed, and the cause of the event is still being determined.

The incident took place in Gulf Shores when a man and his wife were riding on his Harley along a major thoroughfare in that community. The Harley collided with a car that was trying to make a left-hand turn off the thoroughfare. The impact of the collision left both the husband and wife injured.

On-duty vehicle accidents happen to Alabama police officers

On-duty vehicle accidents can occur to any worker who travels in a motorized vehicle, including police officers working in Alabama. In fact, on-duty vehicle accidents can be more than a figurative pain. They can literally lead to a worker being transported to a nearby medical center with physical trauma. Sometimes, these types of cases can even lead to a victim's death.

Recently, a police officer working a crash site along Alabama highly I-85 became a victim himself. He was in his squad car behind another vehicle when his vehicle was rear-ended. The collision propelled him forward, and both he and the driver of the vehicle that hit him needed to be taken to a nearby medical facility for treatment.

Alabama boating deaths can result in costly, complex lawsuits

Enjoying time along one of Alabama many waterways is an experience that should always be relaxing and enjoyable. However, it's an unfortunate fact of life that boating deaths can and do occur. As a result of each of these boating deaths, complex and costly lawsuits can ensue. For example, one recent case from 2012 has made recent headlines.

The 2012 incident happened when a university student drowned because he fell from the Alabama based "Bama Belle", a riverboat that runs along the Black Warrior River. He tumbled from the boat during a sorority party that was being held there. The family of the young man who died is now asking for $10 million to compensate them for their loss.

Alabama man faces murder charge after causing fatal accident

When an Alabama driver makes the decision to get behind the wheel under any impairment, a fatal accident may be a harsh possibility. Driving requires a person's vigilance, and being impaired severely reduces that. One man, a veterinarian, faces an abundance of charges after causing a fatal accident last year. In addition to the punishment he could receive from a criminal court, he may also face claims for financial liability if the family decides to commence a lawsuit against the driver who caused this fatal accident for wrongful death.

The driver, a 43-year-old man, was apparently under the influence of narcotics in the form of pain-pills. Although he did have a prescription for them, a prosecutor claimed that he had extremely high doses in his system -- more than a person would need for pain. Allegedly, as a result of the man getting behind the wheel under the influence, he caused a fatal accident.

Elderly woman dies, 1 known to be injured after auto accident

When drivers take to the road, they are expected to abide by traffic laws and pay careful attention to their surroundings. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and an auto accident can be the result of a lack of attention. It remains to be seen whether negligent driving was the cause of one recent accident in Alabama.

Police received a call about an accident involving three vehicles. As it turns out, two of the vehicles crashed at an intersection. The impact of this crash resulted in them striking another vehicle that was at a stop at the intersection.

Alabama victims of heavy equipment accidents

Heavy Equipment accidents can sometimes result in the devastating loss of a limb or even a person's life. Alabama victims who have suffered from heavy equipment accidents may feel confusion regarding their rights during their time of recovery. Recently, a worker suffered severe physical harm from being run over by a dump truck while at work and chose to pursue justice for his injuries.

Reports indicate that the incident occurred while the man was completing his regular work duties, testing asphalt density, when an asphalt filled dump truck ran him over. The victim was employed by an engineering firm contracted for the construction site, and the driver of the vehicle worked for a different construction company. The serious accident resulted in the amputation of the worker's ankle and part of the leg, burns to multiple parts of his body and injuries to the shoulder. He continues to suffer from pain, pulmonary embolism and venous thrombosis.

Alabama boy's fatal accident by electrocution raises questions

In 2009, a young boy in Alabama met with what can only be described as a tragic, and sudden, end. While playing in a relative's yard, he ran into the neighboring yard -- which was owned by a commercial entity -- and was accidentally electrocuted. This fatal accident caused ripples of sympathy throughout the community and also spawned a long lawsuit. Now, the wrongful death payout that resulted is causing some questions to be asked.

The crux of the inquiry surrounds how much those parties deemed financially responsible for an Alabama accident should have to pay in these kinds of cases. Currently, there is $100,000 cap, but it only applies to government entities. Therefore, a negligent city employee could be the subject of a court ordered judgment for substantially more.

Alabama dad sues car giant over daughter's fatal auto accident

There may be no force on earth as strong as a grieving parent. That's what General Motors representatives have discovered after being slapped with a lawsuit from an Alabama father who says his daughter's GM vehicle was faulty and led to her auto accident last December. The crash took the woman's life.

It apparently occurred when the ignition of the woman's Chevy Cobalt stopped working while she was driving. This is said to have led to her being unable to control her car, which crashed into oncoming traffic. Once in the wrong lane, the Cobalt was hit by an 18-wheeler that was transporting logs.

Alabama teen is victim in 3-vehicle fatal accident

Every fatal accident has more than one victim. In addition to the person killed, his or her family members, close friends and other relatives are all victims as well. Even a deceased victim's business colleagues can experience extreme loss and distraction as a result of a fatal accident. In Alabama, one recent tragedy left an entire community grief stricken, as the victim of a three-vehicle crash was a teenage girl.

The accident happened along Alabama Highway 280 during a Monday afternoon at an intersection with a county road. A Lexus, driven by an unnamed individual, smashed into a Yukon. The Yukon, whose driver has also not been identified publicly, was then struck by a truck.

Two highway fatalities in past months have ties to Alabama HS

It has been yet another blow to Alabama's Russell County High School community. Still mourning the untimely death of one of their science teachers at the start of the school year, the children and administrators must now deal with more grief due to highway fatalities. This time, the victim was a teenage student from the school, and her story is a reminder of how sudden and tragic all highway fatalities are.

The teen was with her boyfriend in her car early in the morning on a weekday when it was T-boned by another vehicle. She became trapped after the crash occurred, and although her brother attempted to rescue her from her Mitsubishi, he was not allowed to get near her. When EMS officials attempted to get her out, they reportedly had difficulty. When she was finally removed, she was rushed to a nearby medical facility where she died from her injuries.