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Texting while driving can lead to serious accidents

Many motor vehicle accidents in Alabama are caused by a driver who was distracted at the time of the collision. One common cause of these types of accidents is texting while driving. If you are seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident because someone else decided to focus more on a cell phone than on the road, grounds for a lawsuit likely exist.

Distracted driving is a major cause of crashes, not only in Alabama but all over the United States. Driving while distracted may involve texting or simply communicating on a mobile phone. Using a mobile phone while operating a vehicle can actually be just as risky as navigating a car with a blood alcohol level higher than the law permits.

Head-on crash kills Alabama A&M University worker

Fatal accidents happen on roadways throughout Alabama, but not all victims receive the press that one A&M University employee has. In the days since she was killed as a result of a head-on collision, the A&M worker for three decades has been memorialized in numerous ways. As her tragic and sudden death shows, the consequences of any traffic fatality extend beyond families to communities at large.

The accident that took her life happened during a weekday when the victim was traveling on Interstate 565. Reports indicate that a car heading in the opposite direction swerved, crossing the roadway median. At that point, a tractor-trailer that was in front of the victim's car was able to veer out of the way of the oncoming vehicle. Unfortunately, the victim's car then received the full force of the head-on collision.

What should employees expect regarding worker safety?

It is easy to understand how employees may not be fully aware of what they should expect regarding worker safety. With job duties, continued training and other concerns, many employees may not even think about safety measures, or a lack thereof, until there is an injury or other tragic incident. Worker safety should always be a priority of employers, and employees have the right to expect a safe and productive work environment.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a federal agency dedicated to protecting the safety of workers, including those in Alabama. OSHA has the authority to issue citations and levy fines against employers who violate safety standards, as illustrated in previous blog posts on our website. OSHA monitors areas such as chemical hazards, construction standards, emergency procedures and other potential health risks.

Leaving a fatal accident in Alabama is wrong on many levels

When a fatal accident occurs, the motorists involved who survive are expected to remain on the scene. In fact, it is illegal for them to leave without first speaking to the appropriate Alabama authorities. Additionally, most would say that it's also simply unethical and may leave a negative impression upon a judge should the person who left the scene subsequently be deemed responsible for the fatal accident.

In recent days, an Alabama truck driver was killed during a crash that caused his tractor-trailer to overturn on Highway 157. When the semi crashed, it landed on its side, spilling its flammable contents. The result was a messy situation that stopped traffic.

What mistakes should you avoid after an auto accident?

When a person finds himself or herself in an auto accident in Alabama, it can be a jarring reality. If injuries have occurred as a result of the auto accident, the victim may require intensive medical attention, sometimes leading to lengthy hospital stays. It's not an understatement to say that it can be difficult to keep one's head during such a confusing, scary situation.

However, there are some ways to avoid making mistakes that are fairly regularly made by those who have been in highway crashes. First, don't assume that you are the one who caused the accident. Even if you believe it to be true, the authorities may feel otherwise. Don't compromise your legal rights by making off-the-cuff declarations that could hurt you later.

Alabama poorly marked train crossings can lead to grim car wrecks

When stopping at train tracks, most Alabama drivers expect to receive some kind of indication that a train might be on its way. Whether this is in the form of sounds, lights or barriers, it prevents car wrecks from occurring. However, not all train crossings are clearly marked, which can lead to car wrecks as well as possible serious injuries.

In eastern Alabama, a teacher reportedly suffered several injuries when her vehicle was hit by a train at the end of July. According to officials, she was stopped at a railroad crossing near the high school where she taught. Authorities theorize that she was unaware that a train was coming toward her location and proceeded to drive across the tracks. It was then that her SUV was hit. Although the vehicle was a complete loss, the driver is expected to recover from the injuries that sent her to a hospital.

Expenses related to highway fatalities add to families' stressors

In Alabama, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that there have been just under 900 traffic fatalities in each of the last several years. That is approximately 1.3 fatalities for every 100 million miles that have been driven. What those numbers do not reveal is that for every fatality, family members of the victims experience extreme stressors in the form of emotional suffering and, sometimes, to their shock, very high bills.

For instance, the medical costs directly associated with a vehicular death vary depending upon how long the victim is treated after the crash. Someone who dies upon impact may receive medical treatment at the scene in an attempt to resuscitate him or her, but will not be given further life-saving measures if he or she is pronounced dead. On the other hand, some victims linger for days, weeks or longer; for them and their loved ones, the experience can be heart-wrenching. It can also be very expensive.

Alabama roadway fatalities don't always occur upon impact

The papers are filled with reports of fatalities that have occurred on Alabama highways. However, not every one of these fatalities happened upon impact of the crash. In fact, many victims suffer for days, weeks or longer before succumbing to the wounds that were inflicted during a collision between motor vehicles.

The case of a young Alabama teenager from Coffee County underscores this tragic fact. The girl, just 13 years old, was riding as one of two passengers in a car with a woman behind the wheel. The woman was apparently a relative of the teenager, as they shared the same last name. The third person in the vehicle was not identified. The vehicle in which they were riding was involved in a three-car crash near Elba.

Water fatalities in Alabama not always linked to boating

Alabama has many waterways; in the summer months, the rivers, lakes and streams are used frequently by people of all ages. Unfortunately, this leads to the probability that there will be water fatalities during this busy time of year. However, not all fatalities are related to boating or even swimming. Some involve personal watercraft such as jet skis.

Recently, an Alabama woman who is reported to have been in her 20s was killed when she and another person, a male in his forties, crashed while riding a jet ski on a lake. According to what has been released to the public about the accident, the two were riding on the body of water around midnight. Their jet ski careened into a dock, killing the woman.

Was distracted driving to blame for injuries in car accident?

When Alabama motorists take to the roads, they are likely aware of the imminent dangers. Unfortunately, despite one’s own vigilance and care on the road, another driver’s actions cannot be anticipated. Distracted driving could result in multi-vehicle accidents with severe injuries and even fatalities.

A family from another state was recently on their way through Alabama to a holiday destination when they went through an intersection with a flashing yellow light. The crossing traffic was regulated by a stop sign. As the family entered the intersection, another motorist, who may have been distracted, reportedly ignored the stop sign and smashed into the left side of their vehicle. The impact caused the family’s car to go into a spin and collide with another vehicle. The vehicle that allegedly ran the stop sign also collided with another vehicle before smashing into a pole.